Interior Design

Why Less is More when it Comes to Interior Design

0 Comments 29 January 2013

A white leather sofa, a carpet and a couch table. All held in light nature colours.It’s often said that less is more, in all areas of life, but when it comes to interior design, it’s more apt than you would imagine. A carefully thought out look can lose appeal by being too fussy, or from the addition of too many features or embellishments, so how can this be avoided? Continue Reading


The Needs of a Functional Home Study

0 Comments 21 January 2013

A desk with a notebook and a chair on light wooden floor. Furniture and the walls kept in light colours.Whether your home study is going to be used for work projects, or as an area for the family to learn in, there are a few things you should equip it with in order for it to meet its function. As well as furniture that is comfortable, you should also consider several pieces of technology that can help it reach its maximum potential. Continue Reading


Mixing Modern with Traditional when Designing a Living Room

0 Comments 05 January 2013

design modern and ancientYour living room could be considered to be the centrepiece of your home. It’s where you’ll spend most of your time when you’re relaxing by yourself, and it’s also where you’ll be entertaining most of your guests. It’s important to get the style right when you’re thinking about design, and if you can’t decide between modern and traditional styles, one of the best solutions is also one of the simplest – why not have both? Continue Reading